Personal Protection

The innovative Lone Worker personal protection device by Digiwatch is a great way to ensure you are protected at all times. This works great for individuals or for businesses with security personnel patrolling the perimeter. In these health and safety conscious times, the Lone Worker provides a cost effective solution to your personal protection needs.

  • The Lone Worker GPS tracking device allows Digiwatch staff to determine where you are to within 3 metres globally. Digiwatch staff will then guide the relevent emergency services to your location.

  • From a security point of view if you are attacked, kidnapped or simply need assistance, one press on the Lone Worker alarm button will send an emergency call to the Digiwatch control centre.

  • The GeoFence function allows you to set restricted geographic zones and the device will send warning messages whenever the tracker crosses the zone (in or out).

  • The new Lone Worker GPS tracker incorporates a "man down" function, with both movement sensor and fall detection.

  • Once activated, Lone Worker allows 2-way audio so we can further determine your situation.

  • With Lone Worker you are never far from emergency assistance.

Be protected at all times with our Lone Worker device.
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