Project Management

Digiwatch specialises in the development and management of security systems with a variety of options available which can be tailored to suit your premises. We have worked with a diverse range of clients over the years, developing innovative security systems which have been designed to meet the unique requirements of each individual case we undertake. This is a comprehensive service as we undertake the design, installation and maintenance of your security system giving you complete peace of mind. Our CCTV and alarm monitoring systems work to prevent crime before it can take place by spotting any potential intruders and issuing a warning long before they have time to cause any damage. If the intruder persists, our team will alert the relevant authorities and guide them to the site so the intruder can be apprehended.

Our Services Include

  • Live CCTV Monitoring

  • Alarm Monitoring

  • Remote Gate and Door access control

  • Personal SOS live protection

  • Login alarm verification

  • Remote fully wireless, battery operated, live monitoring

If you’re interested in having a security system designed, installed and maintained for your premises contact Digiwatch now.